Wild West worked with Sacla’ to generate publicity around it’s 25th birthday. This was a multi-channel programme, which incorporated traditional media communications and storytelling, as well as the creation of an Italian immersive event for the great and good of the food world, as well as consumers plus the development of a special savoury ‘pesto gelato’ for news generation.

Sacla' Pesto, No.1 Classic Basil + Oddono's Pesto Gelati Ice Cream

Sacla’ is the authentic Italian food producer that first introduced Pesto to the UK and turned it from niche and exotic ingredient, to store-cupboard staple. As well as its Pesto, Sacla’ also has a wide range of delicious pasta, oils, pasta sauces, antipasti and pickled vegetables. Established in 1939 in Asti in North West Italy, Sacla’ has remained faithful to the founders’ commitment to the values of Italian hospitality, using the freshest ingredients and creating the finest flavours.

Case Study

Let this video do some of the talking! We took on the challenge from Sacla’ of how to celebrate 25 years of pesto in the UK.  And in return, we developed a cohesive story- telling campaign – including big features in core target titles, to brave brand partnerships and an immersive Italian experience for hundreds of guests.  Everything that was generated was done with the aim to provide nuggets of easily digestible information for a very specific Sacla’ consumer, based on killer insight and a tight strategy.  The aim was to help these consumers become brand ambassadors.  And there’s still more to come… watch this space.