Lee Kum Kee

Wild West is working with Lee Kum Kee on a social influencer project to raise brand awareness and educate consumers about the its full range of soy sauces, and the different ways each can be used.

A project generating creative visual content, our goal is to generate an online buzz about the Lee Kum Kee’s soy sauce range, encouraging consumers to think beyond stir-fries and salad dressings, and to explore authentic Chinese cooking.

LKK Website Photo - Wild West Comms

Lee Kum Kee is a 125 year-old family-owned Hong Kong company supplying over 220 sauces and condiments of the highest quality to over 100 countries and regions across five continents.

Famed with inventing oyster sauce, Lee Kong Kee also produces a wide range of dipping, cooking, chilli, soy and one-step recipe sauces, available via major retailers and Asian supermarkets across the UK.