Forthglade asked us to…

Educate the nation’s dog owners on the importance of a nutritious diet and convey its natural dog food credentials, while celebrating the special bond between owner and dog.

What we did…

Inspired by the ever-growing lifestyle trend Clean Eating, we built a campaign around the concept of Clean Eating for Dogs – a simple phrase to clearly communicate Forthglade’s approach to making natural dog food. We created collateral – founded in consumer research, and recruited brand ambassadors – a pair of beautiful cocker spaniels ‘The Houndsley Brothers’ – a play on the hugely successful Hemsley Sisters. Our campaign provided strong collateral for all of Forthglade’s wider marketing activity including its website and consumer shows such as Crufts.

What happened next?

Forthglade was positioned as the authority in dog nutrition, diet, with strong messaging on the importance of owner and dog relationships and the role of nutrition within that. This was via multiple pieces of coverage including: A full page feature in The Daily Telegraph, In Style online, Notebook, The Lady, Mirror online, Town & Country online and Radio X. In addition, the campaign has been tweeted by multiple influencers including Gok Wan (1.7m followers) and Kate Humble (82k followers).