Do you trust us? How brands can keep consumer trust and keep loyalty alive

This week we dived into a Campaign Live webinar packed full of golden nuggets on how brands can win consumer trust and keep loyalty alive. Personalisation, experience and transparency were just [...]

So what happens next? How learnings from Covid19 might shape the future of comms

Behaviour change is possible. We are all living that reality every day. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but in business things quickly become the new norm. Working practices. New priorities. Better [...]

Local Producers and Lockdown

In these challenging times, the term ‘adapt and overcome’ is particularly poignant, with the need for resilience and thinking outside the box becoming a necessity for many businesses. The closure [...]

The impact of COVID 19 on baby boomer marketing

The silver surfer. No not that well-known superhero, but instead a generation of retirees spreading their wings online, using the internet for shopping, communication and news. In recent years, [...]

The change in digital trends

In the space of 3 weeks, everything has changed. Internet usage has surged by up to 50% in Europe with people now working from home & entertaining their children 24/7. Online Grocers have [...]

The age of reinvention: getting it right in Covid19 times

We are in a reinvention stage and the answers to smart brand behaviours as part of that lie in listening. To your teams. To your customers. And to some extent from a PR perspective, to the media. [...]

Inspiring a future with purpose at Wild West

Georgie from Wild West here. We have been sitting on this for several weeks, bursting with excitement!  But we decided it was time for some positive purposeful news so here we go… Yes you heard [...]

A week is a long time in… everything

When the ‘change is the only constant’ mantra first hit the headlines in the era of Greek philosophers they weren’t kidding. Reinvention rather than change perhaps, in current times. So for those [...]

The impact of COVID-19: Understanding new consumer behaviour and what it means to brands

We recently joined an incredibly insightful Kantar webinar on the impact that COVID-19 is having on consumer behaviour and the implications for brands. So, what did we learn and how could it help [...]

Free Comms Consultancy Clinics

We know how difficult it is right now for many businesses and brands. You’re probably wondering what you should be saying to your customers or how you can keep them engaged while you have [...]

It’s not time to do less in comms, but time to do more of the right thing

So the new world of working is here for what could potentially be weeks, and three days in we wanted to share how we as a team are rethinking norms to ensure all the key elements of PR still [...]

Best practice advice for Coronavirus

As businesses are readying themselves for potential effects of the Coronavirus, we wanted to share some best practice advice on preparing your communications.  We hope this helps, and we are here [...]

When Influencer content works…

Whether you’re a believer or still a little sceptical, influencer marketing has proven itself to be a firm choice for brands as part of their wider marketing mix in the last year. Increasingly, [...]

Creative Changemakers – Learnings & Inspiration

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet in the future, it will never be this slow again.”  Prime Minister Trudeau. It feels like there is now a good understanding that to really tackle [...]

2 campaigns we’re proud of from 2019

2019 was a year filled with some brilliant work. Here are two of our most enjoyed campaigns from our 2019 Awards. Ginsters ‘ Taste of the Nation’ For the nation’s favourite pasty maker, Ginsters [...]

Bristol Food Scene

Bristol has long been known for its multicultural, vibrant and independent food scene. Now with 73 people moving from Bristol to London in an average week (Office for National Statistics), the [...]

4 Ways Social for Brands is Changing

2019 has been a year of great change and debate. The world of social media has been no different. Here are the four insights that we feel will impact brands in 2020:    1. Ephemeral Content [...]

Christmas Ads 2019: What can we learn from the charity sector?

The Christmas ad. One of the most eagerly anticipated moments in marketing calendars across the UK. It’s even been called “Britain’s Super Bowl moment” as things get bigger, bolder and more [...]


Whilst some stories feel like they will be with us forever, literally stumbling on down ever fractured yet depressingly similar routes, there are others that as communications and storytelling [...]

Mocktails and Dreams

2019: A year for the iPhone 11, Brexit, Bike Shorts, Blazers, Nail Art, Veganism and… Non-Alcoholic Spirits. That’s right, you read correctly, new research has found that UK drinking culture is [...]


The hotly anticipated YBF (Young British Foodie) Awards were announced on Tuesday 24th September in London. Now in their eighth year, the organisation was set up to discover and celebrate [...]

Tasty take-outs from my time at Delicious

Media is a fast-changing landscape, so as PRs we never rest on laurels when it comes to learning more about our industry. Back in April, our Senior Account Executive Claire Butler spent time [...]

All eyes on the pies!

It’s no secret that us Brits love our pies. Hot or chilled, sweet or savoury – we eat around £1billion-worth of them every year. No celebration quite captures our love for pastry provisions as [...]

Being well beyond wellbeing, Healthy Workplace annual conference 2019

Did you know, every time you a take a step you’re using up to 200 muscles, each pumping oxygen around your body and into your brain? How long have you been sitting, stationary, at your desk? 30 [...]

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: crisis planning, prevention and brand protection

Earlier this month, we teamed up with legal firm Foot Anstey to run a roundtable masterclass in Bristol.  The subject?  ‘Crisis planning, preparation and brand protection’. Here’s our round-up of [...]

Crisis masterclass: a partnership between public relations experts Wild West Communications, Wild Card and law firm Foot Anstey LLP

Crisis masterclass: reputation management, crisis planning, prevention and brand protection – aimed at senior decision makers and management. A partnership between public relations experts [...]

Wild West and Wild Card’s Campaigns of the Year

What a year it’s been for Wild West Comms and Wild Card. We have worked with many great brands, made headlines across the red tops, broadsheets and airwaves. We have created strategically aligned [...]

How to build PR and Marketing campaigns that win using Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is the use of data to prove theory in marketing and communications (as well as many other parts of a business). In this blog, we delve into how you can apply market [...]

Purposeless travel – what purpose does it serve?

Domestic tourism is worth £86bn to the British economy according to Visit Britain, with 72% of Brits taking a holiday within the UK in 2017 alone. However, statistics also show that in 2016, [...]

Extra Tasty & Evergreen: 2018’s Big Food Trends

From foraging to fermentation, it’s no secret that food wellness has hit the mainstream. In January, The Grocer cited three food trends that were set to make waves in supermarket aisles this [...]

Wild West at 10

As Wild West turns double digits, Director, Georgie Upton, rounds up a handful of the team to celebrate its achievements and look forward to the next ten years. It’s amazing to think Wild West [...]

We’re Thinking Digital

The world keeps moving forward. The butterfly effect of technology, innovation and our insatiable appetite for compelling content is shaping a new age of media, and with it, public relations and [...]

Book direct movement picks up pace among accommodation businesses

Roll back ten or so years ago and it was a match made in heaven; accommodation businesses had fallen head over heels for online travel agents (OTAs) such as, etc. Both [...]

Why experiential events remain at the heart of PR communications

Taste it to believe it. At Wild Card and Wild West, the food and drink sector is our heartland and experiential events remain at the centre of our PR communications. But it’s about more than [...]

A shout out to the trades

It’s fair to say that in our industry the consumer media tends to enjoy the limelight. ‘Consumer’ is the glossy face of PR – the colourful, vibrant, popular version of its b2b relation. Or [...]

Bristol Foodie News from the Wild West team

As usual the Bristol food and drink scene has been humming with activity in recent weeks. The Linda’s Veggie Table event by Linda McCartney Foods (run by the Wild Card team) took place at the [...]

Mare Street Market: a social media strategy to dine for

Opening a restaurant and wondering how best to launch on social? Wild West Account Executive Claire Butler explains why Mare Street Market’s social media launch strategy was bang on We’ve been [...]

Get involved with Earth Day 2018

What is Earth Day? Well, it’s a worldwide annual event to show support for environmental protection that started in 1970 – and it’s taking place this Sunday. Going green is the theme, but [...]

Wellness reads that inspire – 2018

This week, Balance magazine revealed its ‘Wellness 100’. Jamie Oliver leads this list of the most inspiring individuals making society ‘happier, healthier and more mindful using their voice for [...]

2018: The Year of the True Lifestyle Hotel?

Wild West Head of Wellbeing & Lifestyle, Maddi Tiscoe, shares her favourite predictions for the hotel sector for 2018 The hotel sector saw good fortune in 2017. PWC reported that last year UK [...]


We’ve been working with Social Media Influencers for around 9 years now, all in all. We’ve witnessed the birth of an industry, and the exponential growth of countless careers from all sides. With [...]

Four tips for working with influencers

2017 was a big year for the influencer industry. As a sector, its estimated worth now pushes $1 billion worldwide. With so many players in the game, delivering results that stand above the rest [...]

2017 in 6 Campaigns

As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve taken a look back over the past twelve months to select our favourite campaigns to share with you. Below are six of the best (in our opinion) – consider them [...]

2018 food & drink trends your brand needs to know about

Buckle up, because it’s that time of the year again, and over the coming months we are in for a raft of predictions on the latest trends set to impact our lives, as we move into a new year. Media [...]

Wild West Quickdraw: Daphne Skinnard of BBC Radio Cornwall

We’ve a very special Wild West Quick Draw to share: Assistant Editor at BBC Radio Cornwall and Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall, Daphne Skinnard, kindly agreed answer an onslaught of questions, [...]

One sleep until the Sleep Out at the Eden Project

Tomorrow night, I – along with the rest of the team at Wild West Communications – will be spending the night in the great outdoors, at the Eden Project Sleep Out event, to raise money for [...]

Veganism in Vogue

It’s World Vegan Month this month, so what better time to take a closer look at what has become, in recent years, a truly global movement. Not so long ago, the decision to abstain from consuming [...]

Millennial Market is #1 destination for travel brands

Working in lifestyle PR, we know that all brands need to understand and engage with the millennial market – and none more so than travel brands. Millennials – those reaching young adulthood in [...]

Why Brands need to be ‘Futurologists’

Last week, we were thrilled to attend Unlocking Potential’s Future Focus event with Brand Manager at Innocent, Dan Germain, and IT Innovation Manager at John Lewis Partnership, Gavin Jones. As a [...]

Seven days of style – the growing importance of 24/7 content

To meet changing reader demands, News UK has made a significant commitment to quicker and more instantly available content for its weekend readers. This weekend (17 Sept), News UK relaunched two [...]

Wild West Question Time: with Tegen Shipp

We’ve been lucky enough to have had the lovely Tegen Shipp working with us over the past month. A-level student Tegen joined us as our intern at the start of August and has been a real asset to [...]

Guest Blog: Tips for the Business Development Journey

We’re delighted to share a blog written especially for us by our friend Peter Faulds. Business consultant Peter has a vast amount of experience leading business performance improvement programmes [...]

The Great Recipe Explosion

We enjoyed Bee Wilson’s recent Observer piece about the evolution of recipe distribution and how the digital age has affected the way we think about food and recipes. Bee explores the idea that [...]

Hat trick of wins for Wild West, including Best New Consultancy

We are very proud to announce that, at last week’s PRCA Dare Awards, we walked away with three industry accolades, including Best New Consultancy in the South West and Wales.  Since becoming an [...]

Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe for success

Wild West Comms Shortlisted for 6 PRCA Dare Awards 2017

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for six PRCA Dare Awards this year. The prestigious industry awards, for the South West and Wales, strive to seek out and reward the very best PR and [...]

Behind the scenes at a Clarks photo shoot

When creating content, there are so many technical elements to get right for food, travel and lifestyle PR photo shoots.     We recently worked on a content creation project for our client Clarks [...]

The Growing Threat to Grocery Brands

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. It’s hard, impossible even, to avoid it when considering the retail landscape of 2017. The leave vote kick-started a chain of events, the implications of which have [...]

Virtual Reality meets PR reality

As PRs we watched with interest as Virtual Reality technology changed the way brands approached marketing. Virtual reality – or ‘near-reality’ as it’s perhaps more helpfully defined – [...]

Wild West Guest Blog: Data Capture at Events – five golden rules from Stafford Sumner of Jarrang

Our Guest Blog series sees us spend time with a Wild West friend, be it one of our clients, a journalist or blogger, and let them tell you about their sector and some top tips. Over to [...]

Wild West Quick Draw: Belinda Shipp of Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream

Our Quick Draw sees us spend 60 seconds with a Wild West friend, be it one of our clients, a journalist or blogger, and find out what motivates them, what they love about their job, and the [...]

The time for PR is NOW!

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. With promiscuous consumers eschewing brands’ missives with ad blockers and on-demand TV, and cynical millennials distrusting brands’ social content, it’s clear [...]

3 Tips to Win with Creative led Social Advertising

As a PR and social agency, tailored storytelling with creative content is at the heart of everything we do. Whatever platform you’re using, content that will grab the attention of the target [...]

English Tourism Week: Cornwall is calling

As specialists in travel PR, English Tourism Week is a fitting opportunity to celebrate the fantastic destination brands that we’re lucky enough to work with. We’ve handpicked a selection of gems [...]

Bristol Named Best Place to Live in the UK – Here’s Why…

We like to think we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to future-gazing trends – it’s all part of the day job. And when we opened our second Southwest office in Bristol – we knew we were [...]

The ‘travel trend’ that remains – authenticity

Authenticity has become a frequent buzz word in travel PR. People buy from people – always have, always will. We have a duty to ensure that a brand’s content is speaking in its customers’ [...]


  Or are we better described as practitioners in consumer or brand communications?  This is a common question which vexes many a PR-chief, especially when in the process of establishing a [...]

PR Lessons from La La Land

Last night’s Oscars provided the final twist in the tale of the hype surrounding La La Land. A story that unpicks the complexities of love and pursuing your dreams in a colourful, musical, [...]

3 Great Things From The Digital World Last Week

Pitch perfect: how to grab the media’s attention

As you might imagine, pitching to journalists is an integral part of the work we do as a lifestyle PR agency. Crafting a killer tailored pitch is a hugely important skill, especially in this era [...]

A Rum Business: market trends for 2017

As a PR and social comms agency specialising in food and drink, alcohol market trends are naturally front of mind for us.   For the last few years, “premiumisation” has been a driving force in [...]

How to win big with competitions

January is finally over (hoorah!) and in the world of lifestyle PR, that means some of our focus in now on planning exciting new PR and digital programmes for our clients. Front of mind is how we [...]

Wild West Quick Draw: Thad Cox

Our Quick Draw series sees us spend 60 seconds with a Wild West friend. Whether it be one of our clients, a journalist of blogger, we find out what motivates them and what they love about their [...]

Why Instagram is the Perfect Destination for Travel Brands

As a communications agency specialising in travel PR, we naturally view Instagram – with its 500 million users – as a key platform for our communication programmes for our travel clients. The [...]

Wild West Quick Draw: Porth Jess

Our Quick Draw sees us spend 60 seconds with a Wild West friend, be it one of our clients, a journalist, blogger or a content curator, and find out what motivates them and what they love about [...]

The War on Food Waste

This month has seen the launch of the Courtauld Commitment 2025, a campaign aiming to tackle the estimated two million tonnes of food wasted every year, coordinated by charity Wrap. Much has been [...]

Five social media resolutions for your brand in 2017

Forget ‘new year, new you’ as this month we’re all about social media-specific resolutions for 2017. The below tips will help put you on track for a year of smart, strategic social media. 1) Run [...]


Evaluating the work we do in PR is as important to us as it is to our clients, but the traditional system of using AVE (advertising value equivalents) is widely agreed across the industry to be [...]


Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s highly unlikely that the hygge trend will have escaped your attention this season. Listed alongside Brexit and Trumpism as a ‘word of the year’ by both Collins [...]

A taste of the new year food trends: How to eat in 2017

A new year has begun and our first week back in the Wild West office has been spent pondering one very important question in the world of food PR: what exactly will we be, eating, drinking, [...]

Wild West Quick Draw: Sarah Copas of Copas Traditional Turkeys

Our Quick Draw sees us spend 60 seconds with a Wild West friend, be it one of our clients, a journalist or blogger, and find out what motivates them, what they love about their job, and the [...]

Merry Copas! Traditional turkeys gobble up the Christmas market

In PR, the preparation for Christmas begins a lot sooner than for most. Though for family-run Copas Traditional Turkeys in Berkshire, who deliver over 25,000 of the finest turkeys to households [...]

Wild Card and Wild West Awards 2016

Every December, we celebrate the very best of our client work, coverage success and new business wins, and we commend staff members who have really shone over the past year. The winners are [...]

Silver for #Stoplitter at the CIPR Awards

One of our 2016 highlights was a win at this year’s CIPR South of England and Channel Islands PRide Awards – our Clean Cornwall #stoplitter campaign won silver in the Community Relations campaign [...]

5 things I’ve learnt about Cornwall in the Winter

Truro-based blogger, Amanda Williams, has written a very festive blog for us this month about the wonders of Cornwall in the winter.  Amanda moved to Cornwall with her family in 2005 and started [...]

Using social media to support your key selling period

The run-up to Christmas sees a huge volume of content shared across social media, meaning it can be tricky to make sure your brand is heard. Strategic planning is vital to ensure you use social [...]

Generation Z: Hyper-connected, but can they spot fake news?

As Facebook trials a new approach to the fake-news problem – surveying their users to see if they are able to identify spoof news stories – James Naughton (professor of the public [...]

How to target influencers using creative mailers

Christmas is the season for giving, but here at Wild West a key tactic that we use all year round for relevant campaigns is influencer gifting – otherwise known as creative mailers in the world [...]

Wild West Countdown to Christmas

Working in food and travel PR means we start thinking Christmas around June, giving us plenty of time to get into the festive spirit. Combine this with the variety of Christmas treats on offer [...]

Chocolate and Cherry Scones recipe

Winter – and especially Christmas – is all about snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with loved ones and creating timeless family memories. And what better way of doing this than by escaping [...]

The Advance of Citizen Journalism – Newsquest

The advance of citizen journalism was evident last week as we saw Newsquest asking readers of its South London titles to write their own stories to be published on its 11 websites (read how the [...]

Bristol Celebrates its Fantastic Food and Drink Scene

We Bristolians like to do things differently, and nowhere is this more evident than on the city’s vibrant food and drink circuit. Driven by a unique culture of creativity and fierce independence, [...]

#Foodporn – Instagram as a hot house for food trends

In recent years the phrase ‘sharing your food’ has taken on different connotations, as snapping a cheeky top-down photo during dinner to tempt your followers with has become a social norm. [...]

Facebook – A potential catalyst for false information

Facebook’s fake news problem has once more reared its head, with a false story about the death of the FBI agent linked to Hillary’s email leaks making the rounds on Facebook over the [...]

Use your smarts: evaluating PR campaigns, the Wild Card & Wild West Way

Ten years ago, we made the decision, along with a rather forward thinking client who worked with us as our test brand, to boldly move away from traditional PR evaluating systems of AVE [...]

THE hotel to visit outside of London – introducing the new Bristol Harbour Hotel

It was a proud moment to see Bristol Harbour Hotel open its doors last month. The hotel is the latest addition to the Harbour Hotels Group and over 400 guests attended the launch party, held in [...]

The blogger tips that will help elevate your brand on social

At Stylist Live we attended a talk from award-winning travel blogger Bonnie Rakhit of the The Style Traveller, who shared insights on how to run a successful travel blog and how to keep content [...]

Fast and free: changes afoot at the Telegraph Media Group

Last week saw the Telegraph announce that it is ditching its digital paywall and rolling out a new free news app delivering vertically-organised and speedily-accessible content to a new user [...]

Stylist Live: Our Favourite Stands

Working in food and lifestyle PR means keeping in touch with trends and tracking the tactics lifestyle brands use to raise brand awareness. We spent Sunday at Stylist Live in London – for [...]

Recipe of the week: Clarks Almond & Plum Slice

At Wild West, food PR is our foundation and we’re lucky to be working with some amazing food brands, both in the southwest and outside of the county. But we’re not selfish – we want [...]

Keep it snappy – how snapchat could transform the PR pitch

Social media is changing the way we pitch to journalists, which is no bad thing – cue snapchat. A far cry from the waffly email, Twitter’s 120 characters rule means that PR pitches need to [...]

Recipe of the week: Berry Healthy Maple Porridge

At Wild West, food PR is our foundation and we’re lucky to be working with some amazing food brands, both in the southwest and outside of the county. But we’re not selfish – we want [...]

Why lateral thinking is the key to successful Facebook advertising

At Wild West, tailored storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. We focus on generating meaningful content that establishes real connections with audiences to help our clients stand out.  [...]

Recipe of the week: Berry Salad with Brandy Snap Cups

At Wild West, food PR is our bread and butter (excuse the pun). We’re lucky to be working with some amazing food brands, both in the southwest and outside of the county. But we’re not selfish [...]

A charitable Christmas with Cornwall Macmillan

Working in food and lifestyle PR we’re no strangers to getting the festive feeling a little earlier than most…something that’s helped along by our work with the Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair. [...]

The art of investing in your team

“At Wild West, we believe it’s really important to invest in our team, giving them the time, training and resources to allow them to flourish. Our People Project was borne out of this [...]

PR tip: how to piggyback on the news agenda like a pro

Jumping on the news agenda can be one of the most effective ways to get your brand heard, often moving from a traditional media space – ie travel pages for a hotel, or food pages for a food [...]

Realigning your brand identity to reach a new audience – Volvo & Kelly’s

Volvo recently commissioned a series of films called ‘Human Made Stories’ in partnership with Sky Atlantic and Grey London. They appeal to a younger, aspirational millennial audience and [...]

Wishing you were there… using Facebook Live in travel PR

Last week our client, Tresco Island, not only hosted Will and Kate during their royal visit to the Duchy, it also welcomed award-winning homewares designer Sophie Conran.   A key component [...]

Paws for thought

With a significant growth in spending on pet food over the past five years – up by 37% since 2011 – Wild West had been strategically seeking a pet food brand, and was delighted to begin [...]

Capitalising on the ‘silly season’

Every year, the ‘silly season’ – the period when the summer holidays are running, parliament is in recess, and newspapers are more likely to run frivolous stories – presents an opportunity to [...]

CIPR PRide Awards: Wild West celebrates quartet shortlisting

The Magnificent Four: Wild West celebrates after quartet shortlisting in industry awards We are hugely proud and excited to be up for a whopping four awards at the CIPR South of England and [...]

The Power of Content

The power of content: Celebrating 25 years of Linda McCartney Foods Wild Card and Wild West specialise in sourcing and creating brand stories, which generate content relevant to the national [...]

A trip to Johnson Cleaners

A key part of the work we do at Wild West and Wild Card, is search for key insights to build a strong PR story, it’s a vital part of what we do. To make an impactful sell-in to national and [...]

Instagram Algorithm – What’s changed?

So, we know that this will be one of many occasions you’ve seen an article about the Instagram algorithm and its apocalyptic effect on your brand. Fear not, we won’t take long. Over the [...]

How brands are leveraging Pokemon Go in marketing

How are brands leveraging Pokemon Go in marketing? It’s been a month since the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go swept the globe – doing more for the price of Nintendo’s shares, than Kanye West ever [...]

Our latest Public Relations & Digital projects – 6 months at Wild West

It’s been six months since we relaunched as Wild West Comms – and what a fantastic half a year we’ve had working on great public relations and digital projects! We’ve been working on a really [...]

Wild West get baking for National Cream Tea Day

In celebration of National Cream Tea Day (June 24th), some of our team had a lesson in the art of scone-making at one of Cornwall’s top cream tea spots. Nick Hodges, Head Chef at The Greenbank [...]

Keep calm and… have a cream tea

How to create standout on one of the biggest political dates in the UK calendar…the EU Referendum. Now in its second year, the date (24th June) for National Cream Tea Day was set before the date [...]

Brand Anniversaries – How to Make an Impact

  Words: Ellie Glason Head of Media Relations at Wild West Comms

Making it easy for the media

Recently the Wild West team joined Rodda’s, the cream of British tennis, in MediaCityUK. The leading Cornish Clotted Cream brand is celebrating its sponsorship of the Lawn Tennis Association this [...]

IBM Watson as David Ogilvy

Snapchat: a tool for brands

In a social media landscape where video rules and immersive media continues to infiltrate newsfeeds, it’s little wonder that Snapchat is enjoying a moment in the sun. The channel has over 100 [...]

#SpeakCornish with Kelly’s of Cornwall

We can’t wait to see the new Kelly’s TV ad go live tonight. It’s been very exciting to work with Kelly’s on the development of the campaign and on the launch this week. From the beginning we were [...]

The sweeter side of life: Clarks #sweetometer campaign

On 16th April, Wild West travelled to the White Rose Centre in Leeds with Clarks, the natural sweetener company, to set up a Sweet-O-Meter to find out just how sweet (or sour) the British public [...]

Remember to Respect the Audience’s Personal Space

Social Media, apps and push notifications on mobile devices mean that we are never truly disconnected from our digital lives. Working in digital PR & Advertising means that I am continuously [...]

Sacla’, The Pesto Pioneers’ 25th Birthday

Last month the Wild West team was in Soho with the Pesto Pioneers’, Sacla’ UK, to celebrate their 25th birthday. As part of our work to generate publicity around the Sacla’ [...]