Do you trust us? How brands can keep consumer trust and keep loyalty alive

This week we dived into a Campaign Live webinar packed full of golden nuggets on how brands can win consumer trust and keep loyalty alive. Personalisation, experience and transparency were just [...]

So what happens next? How learnings from Covid19 might shape the future of comms

Behaviour change is possible. We are all living that reality every day. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but in business things quickly become the new norm. Working practices. New priorities. Better [...]

Local Producers and Lockdown

In these challenging times, the term ‘adapt and overcome’ is particularly poignant, with the need for resilience and thinking outside the box becoming a necessity for many businesses. The closure [...]

The impact of COVID 19 on baby boomer marketing

The silver surfer. No not that well-known superhero, but instead a generation of retirees spreading their wings online, using the internet for shopping, communication and news. In recent years, [...]