A week is a long time in… everything

When the ‘change is the only constant’ mantra first hit the headlines in the era of Greek philosophers they weren’t kidding. Reinvention rather than change perhaps, in current times. So for those [...]

The impact of COVID-19: Understanding new consumer behaviour and what it means to brands

We recently joined an incredibly insightful Kantar webinar on the impact that COVID-19 is having on consumer behaviour and the implications for brands. So, what did we learn and how could it help [...]

Free Comms Consultancy Clinics

We know how difficult it is right now for many businesses and brands. You’re probably wondering what you should be saying to your customers or how you can keep them engaged while you have [...]

It’s not time to do less in comms, but time to do more of the right thing

So the new world of working is here for what could potentially be weeks, and three days in we wanted to share how we as a team are rethinking norms to ensure all the key elements of PR still [...]

Best practice advice for Coronavirus

As businesses are readying themselves for potential effects of the Coronavirus, we wanted to share some best practice advice on preparing your communications.  We hope this helps, and we are here [...]

When Influencer content works…

Whether you’re a believer or still a little sceptical, influencer marketing has proven itself to be a firm choice for brands as part of their wider marketing mix in the last year. Increasingly, [...]

Creative Changemakers – Learnings & Inspiration

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet in the future, it will never be this slow again.”  Prime Minister Trudeau. It feels like there is now a good understanding that to really tackle [...]