Capitalising on the ‘silly season’

Every year, the ‘silly season’ – the period when the summer holidays are running, parliament is in recess, and newspapers are more likely to run frivolous stories – presents an opportunity to [...]

CIPR PRide Awards: Wild West celebrates quartet shortlisting

The Magnificent Four: Wild West celebrates after quartet shortlisting in industry awards We are hugely proud and excited to be up for a whopping four awards at the CIPR South of England and [...]

The Power of Content

The power of content: Celebrating 25 years of Linda McCartney Foods Wild Card and Wild West specialise in sourcing and creating brand stories, which generate content relevant to the national [...]

A trip to Johnson Cleaners

A key part of the work we do at Wild West and Wild Card, is search for key insights to build a strong PR story, it’s a vital part of what we do. To make an impactful sell-in to national and [...]

Instagram Algorithm – What’s changed?

So, we know that this will be one of many occasions you’ve seen an article about the Instagram algorithm and its apocalyptic effect on your brand. Fear not, we won’t take long. Over the [...]

How brands are leveraging Pokemon Go in marketing

How are brands leveraging Pokemon Go in marketing? It’s been a month since the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go swept the globe – doing more for the price of Nintendo’s shares, than Kanye West ever [...]